My First blog post

I’m not good with blogs, I’ve lost my fair share already to the forgotten depths of mediocrity that is the Internet,  and I’m planning on breaking that trend. 

This blog, well, I was gonna tell you what it was about but I doubt I will ever know, If you find some meaning in it, please do let me know as then I’ll have answered that one overarching question that defines us all. Who knows? 

This blog will be inspired by my life, so mostly board games, video games and the urge to punch customers (retail is a bitch). Also I want to write/be a writer, so you are my guinea pigs, prepare your face to absorb my lines of text, which when arranged by my meticulous hands create prose of the utmost mediocrity. You’re welcome.

So please, keep arms and legs inside the ride at all times, and enjoy.


What do YOU think?

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