I’m Back.. for now

Hey been gone for a while, Been moving house, which is an experience that manages to be equal shares terrible and wonderful… like life now I think about it. Anyway, I wanted to share some other stuff I’ve wasted my time on, So heres some time I wasted on Photoshop, that I did for my friends political cabaret.

Trump’s latest grab for power

A short update 

So a dissapointing not very long/interesting post tonight. I’m trying to post something here every day (one earth rotation, if you’re reading this elsewhere) as an incentive for me to keep it going. 

But… I am unfortunately human, and as such am held back by human adult problems like work, sleep, existential self loathing and RuPauls drag race. (Pretty much all a real person needs to exist) 

Basically what I’m trying to say is even if you don’t see what I’m writing, it doesn’t mean I’m not and I’m working on more to put up here. I encourage pokes and messages to get me off my ass though, so don’t let it happen! 

Thank you… and Adieu!