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Haiku of the day

The walls scream at me

The silence is the worst part

And I still won’t leave


Standard work Scribbles

Not sure where this is going, but heres something I quickly scrabbled up in notepad at work!

He looked down at the soggy excuse for a sandwich again, offended by its very existence. Looked out the window and saw quickly that his sandwich was merely a sad reflection of his day. Oh well he thought, he wasnt one to pass up free food. He took a bite. It was as dissapointing as his afternoon, and also, slightly bitter. Not unlike his afternoon. He decided quickly that he was someone to pass up free food, or free whatever he was holding, he strongly doubted that it could be classified as a sandwich if it wasnt 100% edible. He threw the breaded monstrosity into the bin next to him, and headed out of the house. The rain was nice, nice in a way that seemed great until you got out of it and realised you were wet, So as nice as rain could really be. He decided that it wasn’t all that an unpleasant day, and his mother would have to die eventually. This made him smile, a wet smile, but a smile none the less. He got to the store and nobody paid him much attention, they never really did, but that was exactly how he liked it. That friendly locality that comes with small villages was exactly the reason he moved to the city. Being a number in a crowd of people didn’t appeal to a lot of people, but for Steven it was perfect. Hiding was a lot easier in a city, hiding from yourself especially. Steven picked a basket and started filling it with things an ordinary person would buy, or what he thought an ordinary person would buy. Today that included 4 jars of peanut butter, a multipack of kit kats, two frozen pizzas removed from their cardboard packaging, a bag of oranges and a loaf of white bread. On his way to the counter he changed his mind about the bread and left it on a shelf with some ladies sanitary products, bread had yet to regain his trust. He approached the woman at the counter and the first thing he noticed was her eyes. They were the most dead eyes he had ever seen in his life; Apart from maybe his mother’s, woman never smiled.