I dont know what to do. I used to sit up at these hours just to keep seeing you.

I dont want to stop loving you, but its what you want. Need?   

I dont know…. how to do what you want.

I dont want to believe youve given up.


Is there still a chance, am I just being me? Im scared of drowning in hope, but if I stop hoping, what then….

I guess I lose you.

Help me.

Fuck sake, I want you to smile like you do in my head. 

But me loving you is making you, not happy.

Why wont you let me change that.

I dont know how to not love you, not easily. 

I wish you would trust me, even if I am wrong.

Do what you want….. Do you want?

Im terrified im the only one if us who wants this to work.

What do you want.

What do you need.
Im scared.
I love you


What do YOU think?

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