Eight days, tears and frozen action, wandering blearily full of doubt and panic, the wait in front not even noticed.Seven days, thought, and lots of it. Doubt still creeping where now it was not wanted, decision slowly forming, noticing the wait ahead, daunting as it is.

Six days, decisions made, mind unsettled but certain, the wait heavy, friends support sought, found but not taken.

Five days, numb, waiting.

Four, numb, waiting, nervous

Three, numb, waiting, scared

Two, a picture of you, tears, more wandering, lost more than before, the wait slips away then quickly returns, heavier than before, mind made up. Now I know.

One day, a friends belief, faith, tears, happier now, but still, still bitter on my cheeks, terrified, what if we dont agree.

Less than a day now, waiting, hours feel like hours, minutes become days.

My stomach revolts against me, not long now.


Still waiting.


What do YOU think?

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