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Typical Friday Night

He opened up the fridge and counted, 7 slices of salami, half a pack of cheese, 3 tomatoes, a jar of mayonnaise, guardian of the outermost Vetraxi Dominion, 2 slices of leftover pizza, 2 out of date yoghurt pots and a carton of milk. 

Micheal reached in, took the pizza and a yoghurt and shut the door. He wandered through to the living room, took a seat on the less burnt side of the couch and flicked on the T.V. After a short channel surf he eventually ended up watching cartoons as he quietly ate. 

He went for his phone, felt it wasn’t on his pocket and sighed. Putting down his pizza Micheal walked out his front room and further down his corridor to where a large clear tarpaulin had been set up. He poked his head through this to the great dissaproval of the group of men on the other side. 

“You’re not supposed to leave the incident zone” A man in a dark suit snapped at him. 

“I haven’t” Micheal said gesturing to himself. 

“This isn’t some kind of joke boy” Grumbled another man in a lab coat, holding what appeared to be a cheap Walkman adorned with straps of LED’s. “You need to be-” 

“Can I have my phone back? ” Micheal cut in. 

The three men looked at each other for a short while until eventually the one in the dark suit produced a radio and mumbled some words into it. With a curt nod towards the third man, who had not yet spoken, also dressed in a lab coat, Micheal was eventually handed his phone. 

“We can see everything you do on it”

“Fine” said Micheal and trapsed back into the living room. 


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