Mind in Writing


And here I am again, filling you with empty promises…

I want to blog, but I am weak! I am attempting again to blog as often as I can, if not everyday then as often as I can get to a computer or find ideas in my head. (Not always easy, i’m like a kitten with a laser pointer; easily distracted yet unbearably adorable)

So the blog might change, I’m gonna be doing a few things that are more than just writing, reviews etc. Mainly games, as I don’t know if I’ve plugged it very well, but me and one of my closest friends (@Ashleymacnicol1 follow her on twitter) make gaming Youtube videos! (You can find the link on my profile!) Also I’m gonna be doing a few book reviews, so if anybody knows and good layouts or frameworks I could steal for that, I would be much obliged. So you might see a bit more into what I (Actually) do with my time. I don’t envy you.

Well, please enjoy, and if you don’t, read me anyway, it makes me feel good about myself!


What do YOU think?

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