Off to be the Wizard – Scott Meyer

So a little back story here, my flatmate works in a library as a library assistant, that’s what you and I would consider a librarian. Turns out the librarian is more of a shadowy figure pulling the strings in the background and not the people you see at the library. Regardless she’s my book dealer…. She hits me up with the good stuff, and she knows what tickles my fancy. So one day she off hands mention a book she saw, that I would like cause, and I quote ‘it looks a bit odd’. 

I must admit, when I picked it up and first started reading, I was doubtful. It was odd, and tongue in cheek, but in a way that made me a little bit embarrassed for it. It tripped over itself like an awkward kid. But like all great puberty stories it quickly found itself and I found myself quickly absorbed into a strange world somewhere inbetween hackers and King Arthur. The characters themselves are instantly likeable, from the awkwardness of Martin stuck in a new land, to the plain simplicity of Phillip the mentor. 

I quickly found myself wanting to read more and the humour is the two that once you get it, it’s stuck. I would reccommend this book to people of a certain sentiment, perhaps those with a specific type of humour. Give the authors web comics a read, and if they make you chuckle, don’t hesitate to stop and pick up a copy of this book! 


What do YOU think?

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