A poem about a nightclub

Tonight was both too long, and yet too short. 

I spent my night dancing with people I know so well and people I didn’t know at all. 

And all at one it occurred to me, you became clear, you were both of those people. 

Tonight brought many revaluations. 

I didn’t like this club. 

Nine pound was a lot of money for a night where you only know five songs. 

And I’m not as good as falling out of love as I thought. 

We are apart but too close. 

We are still not close enough. 

I see you, and I see everything. 

You dance differently, badly, but fantastic in every way to me. 

You smile. 

I smile. 

You look elsewhere, I dont know where I’m looking. 

The lights of the club highlight nothing but buried emotions. 

I look for anybody who can take my eye my eye away. 

No things working, my brain won’t pull itself away from you. 

I don’t t know what to do. 

I only know what I want to to do……. 


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