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Rescuing Dr. Caroll


Today in HorridCarrot studios (My Flatmates bedroom/our kitchen) we return to playing the Rare hit, Perfect Dark, included in the Rare Replay package.

Again we take up the mantle of super sexy, super spy, Joanna (surname yet to be Wikipedia-ed) in her battle (?) against evil corporation (we assume) DataDyne.

  • I think I should point out now that we clearly haven’t been paying a huge amount of detail to the story line, and just really enjoying shooting many many bad guys.

A lot happens in this episode, and in the aim of titillating your taste buds yet avoiding spoilers for a 17 year old game I will just tell you a few things to keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Our Super Sexy Spy Bum
  • Op Shotguns
  • Mouse Romance
  • Bad Ass Lasers
  • Blinded by the Night!
  • Use of our Initiative (Not Google)
  • Intense Elevator Usage
  • And finally….. Unacceptable Scientist Casualties




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Me but a sexy spy… 


So I made some more YouTube videos,this ttime we play Perfect Dark, a n64 game revamped for the xbox in the rare replay package. In it we make a friend, leave a friend behind show no mercy and even have a slow motion replay. To be fair there’s not much more you could ask for….. Fine there’s also some sexy n64 ass (happy now!?) 

Just click the link above! 

*Disclaimer- The cake is a lie*